Lenovo X220t Hackintosh

Update: Apparently, this post has been attracting a little traffic from people who want to do something like this. For my x220t (the tablet version) hackintosh, I followed the guide posted here by user “peroxide”: http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=102098.
Note that the built-in wireless is not supported. I suggest a Mac-compatible USB dongle. 


Everything seems to be working quite well except for wireless (intel cards are not supported) and battery indicator.


19 thoughts on “Lenovo X220t Hackintosh

  1. That’s amazing Eric, how did you do this? I just purchased an x220t and I’m looking for a guide to do this.

  2. Thanks. I followed a guide that had been posted for the x220 (not the tablet version), but most of it seems to work for the x220t as well.

    The guide is here:

    Basically, I made the installer USB, followed the partition instructions, then copied over/installed the kexts provided in the guide. I didn’t hassle with modifying the DSDT.

    Note that the built-in wireless card will not work. You can either get a Mac-compatible usb wireless card, or whitelist another compatible card in the BIOS. I have no familiarity with the second option, but information is included in the guide.

    The Wacom pen DOES work on the tablet, but the cursor only shows up in a smaller rectangle centered in the screen (probably indicative of the digitzer size). I couldn’t find a way of scaling this to be full screen like in Windows. You can still write on the screen, but the experience is similar to using an external Wacom tablet. The capacitive touchscreen will sense a finger, but only processes clicks (pointless). Again, I couldn’t find any solutions to this.

    If you find solutions to make the digitizer area full-screen and/or add more capacitive functionality, would you mind letting me know?

    Good luck!

  3. I’m thinking of getting a tiny usb dongle, they’re so cheap these days and it won’t be a hassle since the x220t has 3 usb ports (as you know! :)I will let you know if I find something regarding the digitizer. Have you tried installing wacom drivers from wacom on your machine, or are you using osx built in support? I’m about to launch into the adventure very soon.

  4. I agree, the mini USB dongle seems like the way to go. Just make sure that it specifically says that it supports the version of Mac you plan to install. I made the mistake of buying a version that was supported by Snow Leopard. It didn’t work with Lion.

    I’ll try the multitouch driver and see what happens. I’m doubtful, just because it’s completely different hardware. But, I may be surprised. I hope so.

    That last link is for linux, I don’t think it’s the same for a Mac system unfortunately.

  5. my friend, i just tried linux mint on the x220t, multitouch touchscreen works out of the box! i will find out how they’re doing it.

  6. So what you are going to do is try to figure out how the multitouch screen functions in Linux, then try to replicate that functionality within Mac OSX? Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Hi Eric, firstly, I was just curious to see if anyone had got it working in a non-windows OS. Secondly I was curious to see if I could port or recompile the driver, but I’ve now learnt OSX uses a different system based on iokit. Im in the middle of installing lion now, having some great difficulties booting off my lion install drive – any advice?

  8. btw in my experience the x220t can’t handle guid partitioned disks. I’m just about to try to get the tablet working after having installed windows then being repulsed enough to give osx another shot

    • If you want to dual boot Windows and Mac, you’ll need the drive to be MBR partitioned. This is what I did. I haven’t tried using the GUID table.

  9. Do you have plan to upgrade to Mountain Lion soon. I had been trying to get my X220T I7-620M to sleep, but using all kind kexts and modifying DSDT do not work. I even try Multibeast 5.02 without success.

  10. Hey guys, whats the status of this whole thing? I was looking into buying an x220t, but im concerned about the whole digitizer/touch thing, have you gotten it ironed out, or is it still messy?
    I know about the wifi thing, its basically the same thing will all hackinbooks i think.

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