Pendulum Wave Preliminary Design

I have been working on a design for a pendulum design on and off for the past couple of weeks (instead of turning in overdue projects). Here are a few digital pictures demonstrating my very own design for a complicated wave and release mechanism:

Pendulum wave at rest:


Release mechanism grabbing pendulums:


Pendulums about to be released into a glorious wave:


Why the extravagant release mechanism? Because this wave, unlike most, is intended to be viewed from above rather than the side. Since the amplitudes of each pendulum should be equal, they must be released at a constant distance from the center of the frame. Of course, this results in each release having a different length and each pendulum having a different release angle. Admittedly, I could have used a choppily “curved” board to release the pendulums, but that would not have been nearly as beautiful.


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